Zoltán Jókay

1960 born in Munich
  lives in Munich

1984-1993 University of Essen

"Born in Munich in 1960, Zoltan Jokay, is a photographer concerned with artistic documentation and makes psychological portraits of the young in public places. [...] Jokay likes his models, as viewers can sense. He seldom turns to older folk, and his pictures of children and youths seem to be prompted by sympathy. One feels that, behind the camera, someone has waited for a certain moment of grace and then shown the relationship of trust between himself and the people photographed singly or in pairs. If it is possible to show the sparks which kindle friendship and love, then here. Zoltan Jòkay says: 'Each of my pictures can be referred back to three authors: to me, to the folk shown and to the viewer."

from: http://www.culturebase.net/artist.php?89

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