Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia

Park – Performance – Student’s corner

The brainstorming session generated diverse ideas as to how the area could be used, ranging from nudist beach or wedding paradise to an enclosure for alcoholics. Some adventurous building ideas were developed and cast aside, ultimately making way for a forum in which local residents and students from the surrounding faculties could mingle.

Workshop participants: Gintaras Čaikauskas, Adam Fabo, Lucia Trnková, Valéria Kočanová, Pavol Kasáč, Katarína Kudašíková, Lucia Štefancová, Zuzana Haburajová, Kornel Szabó, Zuzana Kadášová

    Dossier: Urban Development in Germany and Latvia

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    Environmental, social and economic developments present urban planning with major challenges internationally.

    Dossier: Post-Industrial Cities and Culture in Germany and the Czech Republic

    Foto: Martin Popelar
    For decades, heavy industry and mining have shaped countries and people. Today, former industrial cities are in search of new identities.