Workshop in Budapest, Ungarn

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© Oliver Elser/DAM© Oliver Elser/DAM If you are walking through the district as a non Roma you feel like an outsider. So the approach should be to blur the edges and find out the needs and the cultural potential of the Roma population. For them living in the VIII borough is the end of a long journey. Their question is “Are we at home?” the response should be “Welcome home!” The idea is to go in the district, find the contact with different social actors and inspire a dialogue. One approach could be to have a “useful objects” workshop every year / half year to find out what kind of present for the Romas will meet their needs.

    Dossier: Urban Development in Germany and Latvia

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    Environmental, social and economic developments present urban planning with major challenges internationally.

    Dossier: Post-Industrial Cities and Culture in Germany and the Czech Republic

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    For decades, heavy industry and mining have shaped countries and people. Today, former industrial cities are in search of new identities.