Worhshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Activating (social) Spaces

Šiška has a couple of existing houses and spaces that have the potential to become important „Hot Spots“ for the social live in Šiška. Currently these spaces are either abandoned, in a moment of deadlock or they are used on a very low level an just need some structural or financial support. Good examples of two spaces/institutions which stand for a wide range of possibilities for social spaces are the well established cultural centre Kino Šiška (http://www.kinosiska.si/) in a former cinema and Kreativna Cona Šiška (http://kreativnaconasiska.tumblr.com/), an old house used by a group of young creatives as a collective workspace, meeting point and centre for larger activities as parties etc.

Possible Spaces:
  • former Kino Mojca
  • abandoned construction site
  • spaces within the beer factory
  • area of the Šiška Market
  • other abandoned buildings and free spaces
Strategies for activating (social) spaces by social interventions:
  • encouraging and supporting existing activities
  • finding roleplayers
  • creating possebilities for temporary uses
  • less parking, more public space

Kino Mojca

The former Kino Mojca could be turned into a community centre. It could be extended by a new train station with a roof, which functions as a new pedestrian connection to Bezigrad. Expanded by an open square in front it could function as a new urban “Hot Spot” or “Hub” for Šiška.
see also "Resdirecting Forces"

Urban Basement

The abandoned building site could be opened for public use: e.g. as an “Adrenalin Park” (climbing and other sport activities), or for a “co-gardening” project.
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