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    Project Evaluation

    The project evaluation was a cooperation between the Goethe-Institut, the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television and the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation




      Overfishing presents a serious problem to marine life around the world. This episode looks at the issue through the eyes of fishermen in Myanmar and the challenges they face, as well as how they try to tackle the problem without running the risk of endangering their livelihood.

      Season 4 (2013)

      Malaysia - Rainforest



      Remote from chaotic and crowded cities, rainforests offer a unique habitat for the diversity of plants and animals. But what makes the rainforest so important to us humans? Why is the air much clearer than in cities? Come along to the Penang National Park in Malaysia and get to know more about this special place.

      Season 1 (2010)

      Laos - Hydropower



      In this episode, we look at hydropower - that is energy produced by the power of water. "I Got It!" visits Nong, a village in remote northern Laos, which doesn't have electricity yet. 12 year old Kud and her mother travel to visit their uncle in a nearby town that is supplied with electricity through a local dam, where they find out how electricity is generated by water.

      Season 3 (2012)

      Philippines - Climate Change (Typhoon)


      Climate Change (Typhoon)

      In this episode we meet two typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) victims, Dimple and Hadassa. The two girls share their experiences and observations during the typhoon and how they cope with the situation. The episode also explains how global warming and climate change can result in catastrophic effects and present ways on how we can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

      Season 5 (2014)

      Indonesia- Plastic Waste in the Ocean


      Plastic Waste in the Ocean

      Can you tell how much plastic waste your household produces every month? In this episode we follow Dodok, a nine year old boy, who’s hobby is to collect plastic waste. Let’s see what he is doing with all the waste he collects.

      Season 5 (2014)