Concert Halls

All music lovers gather together to appreciate their favourite music performed by talented conductor with the band. The magnificent place to perform could be nowhere else except these concert halls.

Concert Halls in Thailand

Music Auditorium, College of Music

Music Auditorium, College of Music (MACM Hall)is the site to more than 100 concerts by students, professionals, and members of the faculty, annually. It is also home to the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra with Gudni A. Emilsson as its Chief Conductor. TPO’s guest performers includes Lutvian cellist Mischa Maisky, Italian soprano; Lucia Aliberti, the Hungarian Katona Guitar Duo, the German Tubingen Chamber Orchestra, the China National Symphony Orchestra, the National Taiwan Normal University from Taiwan, the Boston Brass and the Horseshoe Road from U.S.A., to name a few.

Concert Halls in Germany

Bayerische Staatsoper München

Copyright: Tourismusamt München
Copyright: Tourismusamt München
The “Bayerische Staatsoper München” ist a worldwide known prestigious opera-house that exhibits a glorious tradition. Each year the opera offers 350 pieces of opera and ballet together with the “Bayerisches Staatsballett”. The different venues take place in “Nationaltheater”, “Prinzregententheater” or “Altes Residenztheater”. The opera’s orchestra is the “Bayerisches Staatsorchester”.

Oper Frankfurt

Copyright: PIA Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Rainer Rüffer
Copyright: PIA Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Rainer Rüffer
The “Oper Frankfurt” is one of the most renowned opera-houses in Europe and was awarded opera of the year in 1995 and 2003 by the journal “Opernwelt”. The “Opera Frankfurt” has got two different venues, the “Schauspielhaus” built after World War II and the more representative “Alte Oper” which was finished in 1882. While stage performances mainly take place in the “Schauspielhaus” the “Alte Oper” is the venue for selected performances or congresses and the “Opernball” – the German equivalent to the “Wiener Opernball”. Like many other cultural sites the “Alte Oper” was destroyed during an airstrike in World War II and used to be the “most beautiful ruin of Germany” for about 30 years – like the Frankfurt people usually said – until it was rebuilt and reopened in 1981. In 1987, the “Alte Oper” was utterly destroyed by an act of arson and had to be completely renovated till 1991.

Semperoper Dresden

Copyright: O. Fischer / PIXELIO
Copyright: O. Fischer / PIXELIO
The Semperoper in Dresden is the opera of the “Saxon State-opera Dresden” and a building with long cultural history. The name of the opera-house goes back on its architect, Gottfried Semper. In the past the building was destroyed twice by a fire in 1869 and the big airstrike on Dresden during World War II in February 1945, where the city was nearly destroyed. Today’s building has been reconstructed during 1977 and 1985. Beside its prominence as a venue for excellent operas and classical music events it is famous for its tragic history of repeated devastation and rebuilding throughout the time. In the German public the Semperoper is apprehended as a monument for the strength of Dresden’s inhabitants to come through the suffering of war and to underline Dresden’s relevance as an important cultural site in Europe.

Foto „Semperoper“ © O. Fischer / PIXELIO


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