Science Film Festival in Lao P.D.R. 4th Edition

In Laos, the Science Film Festival is organized by DOKLAO Center/PADETC for the fourth time in October with 10 Films. The festival is an official Collaborating Partner of the United Nations International Year of Light 2015.

The Science Film Festival in Laos is supported by the Research Institute for Education, Ministry of Education and Sport. For this year, during the festival period there will be screenings at schools in five Provinces of Laos: two provinces in the North - Sayaboury Province and Louangprabang; and three Provinces in the South - Saravanh Province, Champasack Province and Savannakhet Province with 5 Schools per Province. The events will be covered by local media and newspapers.

Further information on screenings is presented here at a later date.