In this section, you can find resources for teachers and parents that accompany many of the films at the Science Film Festival. These are games and hands-on experiments that can be done before or after visiting the festival to enrich the experience.

The activities will remain here after the festival and we look forward to building on this section from year to year, so please check in regularly for updates on ideas how to explore the themes covered.

    Full Proof - Domes

    Download Symbol Building a Gumdrop Dome
    (PDF, 770 KB)
    Download SymbolHow Strong is an Eggshell? (PDF, 1244 KB)
    Download SymbolSuper Tower (PDF, 743 KB)
    Download SymbolSweet Dome (PDF, 768 KB)
    K for Knowledge - Sugar in Numbers

    Download SymbolSugar in Numbers (PDF, 749 KB)
    Download SymbolSweet Color Density (PDF, 740 KB)
    Download SymbolSweet Color Density (PDF, 855 KB)
    Download SymbolSugar in Numbers Again (PDF, 732 KB)
    Download SymbolSugar Water Density (PDF, 740 KB)
    Erde an Zukunft – Holographie: Genuine 3D vision

    Download Symbol3D Glasses
    (PDF, 1282 KB)
    House of Little Scientists: Cola

    Download SymbolHow much CO2 in Cola
    (PDF, 797 KB)
    Download SymbolSuper Fizzy Cola (PDF, 752 KB)
    Download SymbolBalloons (PDF, 731 KB)
    Download SymbolPepsi and Mentos Battle (PDF, 747 KB)
    Download SymbolPepsi and Mentos (PDF, 731 KB)
    Download SymbolVolcano (PDF, 735 KB)
    Sendung mit der Maus – Wie wird der Hubschrauber gesteuert?

    Download SymbolHelicopter (PDF, 822 KB)
    Messy Goes to Okido

    Download SymbolMake a Battery with Salt Water (PDF, 958 KB)
    Download SymbolElectric Circuit (PDF, 724 KB)
    Download SymbolHow to Build Your Own Circuit? (PDF, 765 KB)
    Download SymbolSnap Circuits (PDF, 812 KB)
    Download SymbolSquishy Circuits (PDF, 741 KB)
    The Great Math Mystery

    Download SymbolBirth Date Guessing (PDF, 792 KB)
    Download SymbolTangram (PDF, 984 KB)
    The Origami Code – Scientist Uncover the Power of Folding

    Download SymbolHow many Folds? (PDF, 142 KB)
    Checker Tobi – Paper

    Download SymbolPaper Mache (PDF, 50 MB)
    Download SymbolMaking Marbled Paper (PDF, 734 KB)
    Download SymbolFish Paper (PDF, 1.9 MB)
    Download SymbolPaper Challenge (PDF, 738 KB)
    Download SymbolPaper Recycling (PDF, 737 KB)
    House of Little Scientists: Soil

    Download SymbolArts from Soil (PDF, 744 KB)
    The Sciences of Super Heroes

    Download SymbolUnburnable Paper (PDF, 6.5 MB)
    Checker Tobi – The Rubber-Check

    Download SymbolBalloon on a Stick (PDF, 736 KB)
    Download SymbolHarmonica (PDF, 1.4 MB)

    Download SymbolBiopigments (PDF, 1 MB)
    Checker Tobi - The Sand Check

    Download SymbolDIY Sand (PDF, 732 KB)
    Nine-and-a-half: spinning a web- fascination on eight legs

    Download SymbolGazing at my Stars (PDF, 808 KB)
    Download SymbolPaper Spider Web (PDF, 739 KB)
    Download SymbolSpider Ring (PDF, 733 KB)
    Show with the mouse- synthetic materials from grass

    Download SymbolGrass Hair (PDF, 1 MB)
    Download SymbolGrass Head (PDF, 733 KB)
    Download SymbolHow to Recycle Plastic at Home? (PDF, 739 KB)
    Download SymbolGrass Head (PDF, 733 KB)
    Pumice- A very special material

    Download SymbolStone Art (PDF, 730 KB)