Science Film Festival

The Prize of the Jury

Title: The Origami-Code – Scientists Uncover the Power of Folding
Original Title: Der Origami-Code – Forscher entdecken das Falten

Director: Francois-Xavier Vives
Produced by: fact+film, Leonardo Film, La Compagnie des Taxi Brousse, ZDF/3Sat, France Télévisions, nordmedia Bremen and Niedersachsen, MEDIA, CNC & Procirep
Country: Germany/France
Year: 2015
Running Time: 43 Minutes

Winner 2016: The Origami-Code – Scientists Uncover the Power of Folding

Much of what develops in nature has folds: flower buds, wings, the brain, genes... In the last 20 years, science has discovered the principles of Origami. The art of folding has entered into innovative areas of research and could now lead the way to the final stage in bionics. Researchers in the fields of robotics, medicine, biology and nanotechnology hope to be able to solve highly complex mathematical problems through the study of this natural phenomenon or to derive other practical technical benefits from it.