Science Film Festival

Prize of the Jury

Title: Dynamic Salt

Director: Jerome-Cecil Auffret
Produced by: ALTOMEDIA
Country: France
Year: 2016
Running Time: 51:50 Minutes

Winner 2017: Dynamic Salt

Could we get all our energy needs from sea water and the salt it contains? Are we to witness a time when salt will power our engines and factories, and light up our cities? This documentary explores the latest research on sea water and the way scientists all over the world are working on “Blue Energy”. This research could bring about a major change in our time. The international jury of the Science Film Festival felt this is a must-see film targeting both the mind and the heart and stands as an excellent example of science journalism. It has been carefully crafted and uses a combination of real images and animations to capture the viewers’ interest and make them aware of the need to solve the energy crisis. The cutting edge technology proposed as an innovative solution is explained very clearly and leaves the viewer with hope that science can and will help humankind solve the problems facing us both now and in the future.