Earth to Future – The City in the Year 2121

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Festival Theme 2017: Anthropocene – Welcome to the Human Age

Earth to Future – The City in the Year 2121

Title: Earth to Future – The City in the Year 2121
Original Title: Erde an Zukunft – Die Stadt im Jahr 2121

Director: Katja Engelhardt
Produced by: tvision
Running Time: 24:51 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
Primary School (9-11)

Category: Family Edutainment

Screened In: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Gulf, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, India

Felix the host takes a trip through time and lives in the environmentally friendly "City in the Year 2121", where garbage drones recycle the waste on site and where flying spacegliders are on the road instead of cars. However, the fact that future-oriented ideas can already be found in 2016 is also shown by Felix: the Swedish city of Hammarby has developed an underground waste disposal system. And at the Berlin-Südkreuz train station, there are environmentally-friendly means of transport such as rail, electric buses, electric cars and e-bikes, driven by wind and solar energy that is generated there. In addition, modern methods of vegetable or fish farming are presented for large cities.