Checker Tobi – The Climate Checken

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Festival Theme 2017: Anthropocene – Welcome to the Human Age

Checker Tobi – The Climate Check

Title: Checker Tobi – The Climate Check
Original Title: Checker Tobi – Der Klima-Check

Director: Antonia Simm
Produced by: Megaherz GmbH, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Running Time: 25 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
Primary School (9-11)

Category: Family Edutainment

Screened In: Indonesia, Gulf, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, India

Everyone knows rain, cold and storms as "weather". And this is directly related to the climate. Checker Tobi explains vividly what the climate is, how it works and why people need to protect it. He even flies into a thundercloud with a propeller engine from the German Aerospace Center. He explains what the greenhouse effect, climate change and the personal ecological footprint is all about in simple terms – and what every individual can do to protect the climate and thus the earth.