Great Human Odysseyen

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Festival Theme 2017: Anthropocene – Welcome to the Human Age

Great Human Odyssey

Title: Great Human Odyssey

Director: Niobe Thompson
Produced by: NOVA Production by Clearwater Documentary Inc. in association with CBC; A NOVA Production by Lawrence Klein Productions, LLC for WGBH Boston
Running Time: 116:46 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
University and General Public

Category: Culture & History

Screened In: The Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka

The ancestors of today's people, a few thousand hunters and collectors, once lived in Africa. From there they populated the whole Earth. The film portrays the great odyssey of the people of Africa, that traveled around the world, explaining how people developed skills and means to survive in almost every environment: how did the prehistoric ancestors cross the Sahara on foot, how did they endure ice ages, and how did they sail to remote Pacific islands? Unique insights into the life of today's Kalahari hunters, Siberian reindeer herders and Polynesian navigators help explain the amazing achievements of the ancestors.