Spaceship Earth

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Festival Theme 2017: Anthropocene – Welcome to the Human Age

Spaceship Earth

Title: Spaceship Earth

Director: Kevin McMahon
Produced by: Primitive Entertainment
Running Time: 122:26 Minutes
Country: Canada
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
Secondary School (12 - 16)

Category: Ecology & Environment

Screened In: The Philippines, Malaysia

The documentary presents the global energy crisis with all its problems, such as global warming, in ways that offer insights into new energy technologies and the latest scientific knowledge. In doing so, the film is based on a very special metaphor and presents the Earth as a ship, on which there are no passengers but only a crew, faithful to the opinion of the philosopher and media theorist Marshall McLuhan: People who constantly change the "decks" of the Earth, the environmental conditions so to speak.