Giraffe – Up High and Personal

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Giraffe – Up High and Personal

Title: Giraffe – Up High and Personal

Director: Herbert Ostwald
Produced by: A Terra Mater Factual Studios Production in Co-Production with National Geographic Channel
Running Time: 50:02 Minutes
Country: Austria
Year: 2015

Age Guideline:
Secondary School (12 - 16)

Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

Screened In: The Philippines, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Namibia, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa

With their long legs, long neck and big eyes, giraffes are true beauties of the African savannah. The gentle giants not only have an extraordinary appearance, but also a distinctive behavior with hardly known social structures. The film takes the viewers into the savannah of Kenya, South Africa and the Namibian desert and presents the animals with amazing camera shots and never before seen material from an exciting, fresh angle.