I Got It! - Global Warming

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I Got It! - Global Warming

Title: I Got It! - Global Warming
Original Title: บ้านนักวิทยาศาสตร์น้อย - ตอนน้ำซึม

Director: Khin Nita Htun
Produced by: MRTV-4 Ever Group and Goethe-lnstitut
Running Time: 10:11 Minutes
Country: Myanmar
Year: 2015

Age Guideline:
Primary School (9-11)

Category: Family Edutainment

Screened In: Laos, Myanmar, The Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India

In this episode of "I Got It!", Oaksoe Ka from Myanmar is dealing with global warming – in a very practical way. That’s because he is interested in plants and is taking part in a planting competition at his school. To this end, the children are looking for the seeds themselves. Oaksoe Ka does so as well and decides to use a certain kind of plant. The film explains how important plants are for the climate and how they can influence global warming.