Children of the Sun – Wild Beesen

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Children of the Sun – Wild Bees

Title: Children of the Sun – Wild Bees
Original Title: Biene Majas wilde Schwestern

Director: Jan Haft
Produced by: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany
Running Time: 44 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
Secondary School (12 - 16)

Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

Screened In: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Namibia, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa

When most people think of bees, they are thinking about honey bees. Less known is the incredible diversity of native wild bees and their amazing adaptability to the most varied habitats and conditions. The film provides an informative and interesting insight into the realm of the maiden sisters of the honey bee, whose behavior and lifestyle are as diverse as their appearance, size and habitats. Some wild bees are as diligent as their reputation, while others on the other hand are burglars or animal killers.