ArtUp! Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

Did the future look better back then? Is the future today already obsolete? Or is it perhaps the past, that nowadays seems almost blissful compared to the present we're actually living in? What future utopias exist in times of social, economic and political crisis, in times of spreading poverty, corruption and mistrust towards democratic processes?

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future past – past future
    Where is home today? Which habits tie us to it? How do we perceive our habits through technology? And how can we overcome their constraints? The exhibition “Home/s” wishes to explore the notion of Home in times of constant connectivity through art projects and creative practices.

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      More than 400 Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish artists showcase their artworks in the ArtUP! media art collection

      Video art, Sound art, Net art, Interactive art and other forms of media art can be uploaded into our collection and be shown to an international public.
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      What is media art?
      Our approach: Discover the past, present and future of media art from Bulgarian, German, Greek and Turkish perspectives.