State Public Libraries

State Public Libraries

Staatliche Öffentliche Bibliothek EdirneThere are approx. 1,100 state public libraries in Turkey which are affiliated to the General Directorate for Libraries and Publications [KYGM. Each of the 81 provinces of Turkey operates a Provincial Library in its center [İl Halk Kütüphanesi] and there are several district libraries in every provincial district [İlçe Halk Kütüphanesi]. The provincial libraries partially coordinate and control the district libraries, which are belonging to their province.

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Most of the public libraries have a department for children; besides there are approx. 45 independent children libraries, which are branches of provincial or district libraries.

The public libraries are visited primarily by children and young people, i.e. pupils and students, as most of the school libraries are unattractive or have limited accessibility. The supply and usage rates of the public libraries related to the population are very low - only 0.2 books are available per inhabitant and only 5% of the population are public library members.

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Many provincial libraries run mobile libraries - there are, at the moment, 43 mobile libraries in Turkey and a total of 737 service points.

Article about mobil libraries

Buildings and Technical Equipment

Many public libraries are accommodated in historical buildings or in standard administration buildings. Only a few have buildings, which were designed and built as library buildings.

Meanwhile, all public libraries are fully automated with a centrally made available software called Milas. The holdings of all public libraries can be searched online by a joint surface which also offers the possibility to search in the National Union Catalogue TO-KAT.

Collections and Services

The collections of public libraries cover fiction books to a great extent (38%); non-fiction books account for approx. 62%.

The number of digital audio-visual material offered is very low. The collection building and acquisition is largely operated centrally by the General Directorate for Libraries and Publications but media can be also purchased on the spot.

Most of the public libraries have internet workplaces for users and all provincial libraries have own websites.

Staff and further education

In public libraries, unfortunately not enough librarians who have studied "Information and Record Management" are being employed. The number amounts (with a total number of 3,000 persons in Turkey) to only approx. 300 librarians with academic qualifications. Mainly civil servants with diverse trainings and background experiences are transferred to libraries respectively employed as library staff.

Public Libraries Regional Seminars in Turkey, 2006-2012
An article by Prof. Dr. Bülent Yılmaz

Despite a relatively high number of further education possibilities (conferences, workshops etc.) for librarians working in other types of libraries, suitable further education for staff in public libraries is not so often offered. The Public Libraries Regional Seminars in Turkey were organized by the Goethe-Institutes in Turkey in cooperation with the General Directorate for Libraries and Publications, the Hacettepe University, the Turkish Librarians' Association and some editorials. The twenty several days' seminars were - with changing topics - taking place between 2006 and 2012 nationwide. Thus, every public library employee would, at least once, have had the possibility for further education, to talk about existing professional problems and to exchange opinions with colleagues from other cities.

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