Bozhana Apostolova



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Bozhana Apostolova’s name is invariably associated with one of the most influential Bulgarian publishing houses, Janet 45, which she founded and owns. Over the past thirty years, she has published numerous poetry and prose collections of her own, including eight volumes of poetry, two novels and one children’s tale. She has been awarded a number of honors, including the Plovdiv Prize for prose, the Trud newspaper’s Golden Chain Award for poetry, and the Golden Muse for her creative work and her contribution to Bulgarian-Russian cultural relations.


  • A Crossroad with No Roads, 2008
  • I Can Barely Restrain It, 2008
  • Everyday Bible, Part 2, 2005
  • Knot, 2005
  • Third Condition, 2002
  • The Man with the Sky, 2002
  • All-Encompassing Love, 2001
  • Everyday Bible, 1998
  • In the Cup of Darkness, 1998
  • As My Mother Crosses Herself, 1995
  • Unpromised Land, 1986
  • A Fire-Dancer’s Lot, 1978