Ágnes R. Várkonyi

Ágnes R. Várkonyi


Avrupa’nın en cesur kadını

Tekirdağ Rakoczi Müzesi
29.03.2010, 18:00

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal İl Halk Kütüphanesi
30.03.2010, 14:00


Ágnes R. Várkonyi was born in Salgótarján, Hungary, in 1928. From 1947 to 1951 she studied Hungarian, History and Archival Studies at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (ELTE) in Budapest. Upon graduation she was employed as a researcher at the Institute of Historical Sciences of the Hungarian National Academy. In 1983 she moved to a professorial teaching position at ELTE, also serving as head of the Department of Medieval and Early Modern Hungarian History. Since 1998 she has been Professor Emeritus at the Department. Professor R. Várkonyi lives and works in Budapest.

Selected works
  • Our Turns of Centuries. Essays and Studies (Budapest 1999)
  • The Century of the Divided Country 1526-1606 (Budapest 1999)
  • Witness of the Conflagration – Essays (Budapest 1995)
  • Changes in Transylvania (Budapest 1984)
  • Turkish Rule and Hungarian Foreign Policy (Budapest 1975)
  • The Positivist Viewpoint in Hungarian Historiography (Budapest 1973, 2 vols.)
In Tekirdağ, Ágnes R. Várkonyi will read from her work Avrupa’nın en cesur kadını.