Thorsten Becker

© Anatol Kotte
© Anatol Kotte
Thorsten Becker


Sieger nach Punkten

Diyarbakır State Theater
05.05.2009, 18:00

Diyarbakır Dicle Universität, Mimarlık conference room 5001
06.05.2009, 14:00


Born in 1958 in Oberlahnstein, Thorsten Becker grew up in Cologne and studied philosophy, history, sociology and theater arts. He’s multilingual, a world traveler, and sometimes lives in Berlin. His works have received many prizes, including the FAZ Literature Prize and the Premio Grinzane Cavour Prize. Among his works are Die Bürgschaft, Tagebuch der Arabischen Reise, darin der Briefwechsel mit Goethe, Mitte and Schönes Deutschland.


  • Das ewige Haus, 2009
  • Fritz, 2006
  • Sieger nach Punkten, 2004
  • Die Besänftigung, 2003
  • Der Untertan steigt auf den Zauberberg, 2001
  • Schönes Deutschland, 1996
  • Mitte, 1994
  • Tagebuch der arabischen Reise, 1991
  • Schmutz, 1989
  • Die Nase, 1987
  • Die Bürgschaft, 1985

Sieger nach Punkten

The hero of this story is the German superfeatherweight boxing champion Nasrettin Öztürk, who – not coincidentally – is a namesake of the folktale trickster Nasrettin Hoca, whom Goethe called “the Turkish Till Eulenspiegel”. Nasrettin Öztürk came to Berlin from Anatolia in the 1970s together with his parents. Toughened by his experiences of being written off as a “Kanake”, a good-for-nothing and a gambler, a mature Nasrettin now stands in the boxing ring in Beausoleil near Monaco as the challenger of the European champion, the French boxer Sandol. Cunningly, he waits for his opportunity, and as he waits the narrative jumps back to his childhood and youth, and even further back into the time of his ancestors and distant forebears. Splendid sultans, religious fanatics and power-hungry pashas come to light, but pork, Al Pacino and kidnapped maidens also play a role, not to mention God, Jesus and Mohammed, who sit in Heaven hotly arguing about true faith and arguing about which is superior, the Orient or the Occident...

Sieger nach Punkten is a saga about “guest workers”, and at the same time it’s the story of the Ottoman Empire – full of fantasy and highly entertaining.

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