Stefan Brijs

© Stefan Brijs
© Stefan Brijs
Stefan Brijs


The Angel Maker

Unfortunately, Stefan Brijs's readings had to be cancelled due to illness.

Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Tiyatrosu, Istanbul
15.04.2010, 15:00-17:00
Panel discussion with Günter Grass, Yaşar Kemal and other authors (More...)


Born in 1969, Stefan Brijs lives near Antwerp, Belgium. His novel The Angel Maker was a sensational success in his home country and in the Netherlands. The many honors he has received for it include the “Golden Owl” award for the best book of the year and the Award of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature. The book is currently being filmed, and the foreign rights have been sold in many countries including Britain and the USA.


  • De engelenmaker (English: The Angel Maker), 2005
  • De vergeethoek, 2003
  • Twee levens, 2001
  • Vila Keetje Tippel, 2001
  • Arend, 2000
  • Kruistochten, 1998
  • De verwording, 1997

The Angel Maker

After an absence of 20 years, Dr. Victor Hoppe returns to his birthplace, the Belgian town of Wolfheim, near the German and Dutch border. He is met by a wave of mistrust. The villagers wonder most of all about the three babies he has brought with him. They are obviously triplets: the three boys look completely identical, and all of them are disfigured by a harelip. This is a birth defect that Victor himself inherited from his father, and it made his early years difficult because the villagers are superstitious. Once again, the rumors fly. And some real questions arise: Where is the babies’ mother? Why has Victor returned to Wolfheim after so many years? Why is he hiding the children? However, after the doctor saves the life of a boy from the village, the situation changes dramatically and his popularity grows. People begin to accept his presence, even though he still seems odd. People even come to trust him — until the triplets’ nanny, a former teacher from the village, suddenly dies.

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