Ermanno Cavazzoni

© Ermanno Cavazzoni
© Ermanno Cavazzoni
Ermanno Cavazzoni


Vite brevi di idioti

Kars Prof. Necdet Leloğlu Salonu
08.10.2009, 14:00

Kars İl Halk Kütüphanesi
10.10.2009, 14:00


Ermanno Cavazzoni was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 1947. Today he lives in Bologna, where he teaches aesthetics at the University of Bologna. His novel The Voice of the Moon, which was published in 1987, inspired Frederico Fellini’s film of the same name. Cavazzoni received several literature awards for his calendar stories Vite brevi di idioti. He was the editor of the magazine “Il semplice” and now co-edits the semiannual magazine “Il caffè illustrato” together with Gianni Celati and Walter Pedullà.

Selected bibliography

  • Storia naturale dei giganti, 2007
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  • Cirenaica, 1999
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  • Le leggende dei santi da Jacopo da Varagine, 1993
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  • Il poema dei lunatici (English: The Voice of the Moon), 1987

Vite brevi di idioti

A fabulous book of fables from Italy that is full of sayings and wise advice. And full of idiots who try to encounter reality with fire and mathematics, or refuse to have anything to do with speed, or want to fly through the air, or have a head that’s too small or a heart that’s too large, or believe they’re painters, writers or prostitutes, or that they have a double or are cursed or have become dwarves. In short, full of people like you and me.