Daniel Glattauer

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Daniel Glattauer


Gut gegen Nordwind

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Daniel Glattauer was born in Vienna in 1960. After studying educational theory and art history, he worked as a journalist for the newspapers Die Presse and Der Standard. Since 1997 he has also been working as a freelance writer. His two most recent novels, Gut gegen Nordwind (2006) and Alle sieben Wellen (2009), are bestsellers that have been translated into numerous languages and have been successfully adapted as radio plays, theater plays and audiobooks.

Selected works
  • Schauma mal, 2009
  • Alle sieben Wellen, 2009
  • Rainer Maria sucht das Paradies, 2008
  • Falsch verbunden, 2007
  • Gut gegen Nordwind, 2006
  • Der Weihnachtshund, 2004
  • Die Vögel brüllen, 2004
  • Darum, 2003
  • Die Ameisenzählung, 2001
  • Bekennen Sie sich schuldig?, 1998
  • Kennen Sie Weihnachten?, 1997
  • Theo und der Rest der Welt, 1997
Gut gegen Nordwind

Emmi Rothner wants to cancel her subscription to the magazine “Like” by e-mail, but because of a typing error her messages are sent to Leo Leike. After Emmi has repeatedly sent e-mails to the wrong address, Leo explains to her that she’s made a mistake. An unusual correspondence ensues, of the kind one can have only with a stranger. As the two of them gradually get to know and understand each other, and their aquaintance develops into casual intimacy, they eventually have to face the inevitable question: Will the feelings of love that have been sent, received and saved stand up to a meeting in real life? And if they do, what comes next?.
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