Wolfgang Hohlbein

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© Tom Platzer
Wolfgang Hohlbein


Enwor 1 & 2 – Der wandernde Wald/ Die brennende Stadt

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Wolfgang Hohlbein was born in Weimar in 1953. After graduating from secondary school he completed a training course for industrial clerks. Together with his wife Heike, who was born in Neuss in 1954, he wrote the novel Märchenmond (English: "Magic Moon"), which became their literary breakthrough. The book became an international success. Both together and separately, Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein specialize primarily in fantasy and science fiction novels. They live together with their six children in Neuss. Wolfgang Hohlbein has so far published more than 200 books, many of them written with his wife, which have been translated into numerous languages and have received many awards.

Selected works
  • Drachenthal - Die Rückkehr, 2007
  • Die Zauberin von Märchenmond, 2005
  • Im dunklen Land, 2004
  • Anubis, 2004
  • Unterland, 2004
  • Drachenthal - Das Spiegelkabinett, 2004
  • Drachenthal - Das Labyrinth, 2003
  • Drachenthal - Die Entdeckung, 2002
  • Gralszauber, 2000
  • Dreizehn, 1995
  • Das Druidentor, 1993
  • Prophezeiung, 1993
  • Unterland, 1992
  • Spiegelzeit, 1991
  • Märchenmonds Kinder, 1990 (English: "Children of Magic Moon")
  • Drachenfeuer, 1988
  • Das Siegel, 1987
  • Märchenmond, 1983 (English: "Magic Moon")
Enwor 1 & 2 – Der wandernde Wald/ Die brennende Stadt

Skar and Del are traveling through various lands looking for masters to whom they can offer their services as warriors. But they are drawn into the disputes of Enwor and are forced to realize that in the struggle between human beings and the lizardlike Quorrl, it’s not always possible to draw a distinction between good and evil...
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