Konstantin Iliev

© Konstantin Iliev
© Konstantin Iliev
Konstantin Iliev



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Konstantin Iliev was born on October 16, 1937, in Gorno Pavlikeni, Bulgaria. After studying German Philology at St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia, he earned a doctorate in Theater Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin. During the 1960s, Iliev’s first three plays were banned by the communist authorities in Bulgaria, until the successful premiere of >i>Music from Shatrovets in 1973. To date, Konstantin Iliev has written twelve plays, two novels and various articles and essays. He was head dramaturge at the National Theater in Sofia from 1995 until 2007, and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Herder Prize in 1996 and the Elias Canetti Prize for Literature in 2005.


  • Beethoven21, 2006
  • The Memory of the Raven: Texts on Theater, Drama and Politics, 2005
  • The Defeat: A Chronicle from the Short Century, 2003
  • Francesca, 1999
  • Lame-Leg or Lupine Holy Mother, 1994
  • Red Wine for Goodbye, 1989
  • French Donkey, 1988
  • Odysseus Travels to Ithaca, 1984
  • Nirvana, 1982
  • Easter Wine, 1979
  • Basil for Draginko, 1978
  • The Window, 1977
  • Music from Shatrovets, 1971
  • The Mousy King (puppet play), 1968
  • Without You in October, 1968
  • Longing for Colours, 1961


The play Francesca is set in a small Bulgarian village at the beginning of the 21st century. The characters are an elderly woman, a young woman (the owner of a tavern and general store), a politician, a journalist, a mafia boss, and a slow-witted former sportsman. The mafia boss has bought some land in the village on which he plans to build. For this he needs one more plot. Granny Bonka refuses to give it to him. After a serious incident during a storm, she suddenly gains clairvoyant abilities, and unpleasant truths and lies, betrayals, murders, and events from the not too distant past begin to surface.

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