Ayşe Kulin



Pécs High school Szent Mór Iskolaközpont
20.05.2010, 12:00

Pécs High school Pécsi Müvészeti és Szakközépiskola
21.05.2010, 12:00

Pécs House of Arts and Literature
22.05.2010, 17:00


Ayşe Kulin was born in Istanbul in 1941. After studying literature at the American College for Girls in Istanbul, she worked as a journalist for various newspapers and magazines. In parallel, she worked as a set designer and scriptwriter on television, advertising and cinema productions. Her first collection of short stories, “Günese Dön Yüzünü“, was published in 1984, and her first novel, “Adi: Aylin“ (English: “Aylin”), appeared in 1997. To date she has published 20 books and received numerous awards, including the Haldun Taner Short Story Award and the Sait Faik Short Story Prize. As one of Turkey’s most widely read authors, Kulin was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2007. She lives today in Istanbul.

Selected works
  • Türkan, 2009
  • Umut, 2008
  • Veda, 2008 (English: Farewell, 2009)
  • Bir Gün, 2005 (English: Face to Face, 2008)
  • Gece Sesleri, 2004
  • Nefes Nefese, 2002 (English: Last Train to Istanbul, 2006)
  • Köprü, 2001
  • Füreya, 2000
  • Sevdalinka, 1999
  • Geniş Zamanlar, 1998
  • Foto Sabah Resimleri, 1998 (English: Photo “Sabah” Pictures, 2004)
  • Adı: Aylin, 1997 (English: Aylin, 2007)
  • Güneşe Dön Yüzünü, 1984