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© Antonia Michaelis


Mike und ich und Max Ernst

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Antonia Michaelis was born in Kiel in 1979 and went to school in Augsburg, where she spent 13 years secretly writing books under her desk rather than paying much attention. After graduating she taught English, art and theater classes in South India, and went on to study medecine in Greifswald. She frequently worked in hospitals in various far-flung countries, preferably located on isolated mountaintops and lacking electricity. Later she gave up the medical profession and now lives with her husband and young daughter in an old house on the Baltic coast, where she spends her days collecting new stories amongst the nettles and elder bushes.

Selected works

  • Jenseits der Finsterbach-Brücke, 2009
  • Wenn der Windmann kommt, 2009
  • Der letzte Regen, 2009
  • Schokolade am Meer, 2009
  • Die Nacht der gefangenen Träume, 2008
  • Drachen der Finsternis, 2008 (English: Dragons of Darkness)
  • Das Geheimnis des 12. Kontinents, 2008
  • Laura und der Silberwolf, 2007
  • Tigermond, 2006 (English: Tiger Moon)
  • Hier bei uns in Ammerlo, 2005
  • Das Adoptivzimmer, 2004
  • Mike und ich und Max Ernst, 2003

Mike und ich und Max Ernst

One bright moon-lit night, Lucinda is suddenly confronted by the “beautiful gardener” from one of the pictures on her wall, who has come to life in order to find her missing sister. At first Lucinda thinks she must be dreaming, but her new-found friend convinces her to come along on an adventure that takes them across Europe. Soon they’re also joined by a boy named Mike – but who is the mysterious woman trailing them who is bent on defeating them in their quest?