Özdemir İnce


Sofia Red House Centre for Culture and Debate
05.05.2010, 18:00

Sofia Helikon bookstore
07.05.2010, 14:00


The poet Özdemir İnce was born in 1936 in Mersin, southern Turkey. In 1960, he graduated from the Department of French at the Gazi Institute of Education in Ankara and went on to study French literature and language in Paris from 1965 to 1966. Back in Turkey, he worked as a teacher and then, until 1982, in various capacities for the Turkish radio and television corporation TRT. He subsequently worked as a literary editor and translator. İnce’s first poem was published in the journal “Yagmur” in 1954; sİnce then his poetry has been translated into many languages. İnce has received numerous accolades for his contributions to journalism and poetry, including over ten different awards in Turkey, the 2006 Max Jacob Poetry Prize and the 2010 Penyo Penev Poetry Award. Özdemir İnce is currently a columnist for the newspaper “Hürriyet” and lives in Istanbul.


  • Magma ve Kör Saat, 2007
  • Keskindoreke Fındınfalava, 2006
  • Evren Ağacı, 2000
  • Mani-Hayy, 1998
  • Yazın Sesi, 1994
  • Gürlevik, 1990
  • Başak ile Terazi, 1989
  • Hayat Bilgisi, 1986
  • Siyasetnâme, 1984
  • Genç Bulgar Şiiri, 1984
  • Elmanın Tarihi, 1981
  • Rüzgâra Yazılıdır, 1979
  • Bulgar Şiiri Antolojisi, 1971
  • Kiraz Zamanı, 1969
  • Kargı, 1963

Selected Poems by Özdemir İnce

In Sofia, Özdemir İnce will present a selection of his works. He will read from his poetry collections “Suyun Üzerine Yazılıdır” and “Mani-Hayy”, as well as from the “Anthology of Turkish Poetry”. Originally published in 1982, “Suyun Üzerine Yazılıdır” was the author’s first work to be translated into Bulgarian. The volume “Mani-Hayy”, from 1998, was published in Bulgarian by the Plovdiv CUM publishing company in 2008.