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Alek Popov


The Black Box

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Alek Popov, who was born in 1966, studied Bulgarian philology and received a Master of Arts degree in Bulgarian language and literature from the University of Sofia. From 1993 to 1996 he worked as a public relations manager at the Museum of Bulgarian Literature. From 1996 to 1997 he studied English in Michigan. He has also worked as a cultural attaché at the Bulgarian Embassy to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He is currently the Director of the House of Children’s Books in Sofia and Editor in Chief of the literary magazine Rodnarec, as well as the Secretary of the Bulgarian chapter of the P.E.N. Club. He lives and works in Sofia.

  • Chernata kutiya (English: The Black Box), 2007
  • Missiya London (English: Mission London), 2001
The Black Box

From a dogwalker to a millionaire, and from a millionaire to a dropout: two brothers from Bulgaria seek their fortune in America and find, at least, their father’s ashes.

A black bag full of ashes is all that Ned and Ango, two dissimilar brothers from Bulgaria, have left of their father. A mathematician who was part genius and part madman, he died under mysterious circumstances 15 years ago while teaching as a guest professor in America. Each of his two sons is now living his own life, and for the two of them their father has long been a mere ghost. But all that changes when the brothers’ paths cross once again far from home, in New York. Ned, the loser, has made it to the top echelons of Wall Street, while the dashing Ango is walking the pet dogs of wealthy snobs in Central Park. Now the tables are turned and the ghost of their father is suddenly alive again — but the two brothers are not thrilled about it…

Alek Popov lays old fairy tales to rest: his new novel, which stayed at the top of the bestseller list in Bulgaria for weeks, is a satire about gold-diggers in the West and the East, the longing for happiness that is felt by successful people as well as underdogs, and the false images we have of one another as soon as a world separates us. East or West, on top or on the bottom, dead or alive — let’s be brothers! Popov’s tale is headlong, witty and biting. Arf!