Christoph Ransmayr

© Willy Puchner
© Willy Puchner
Christoph Ransmayr


Der fliegende Berg

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Christoph Ransmayr was born in Wels, Austria, in 1954. He is the author of four novels, Die Schrecken des Eises und der Finsternis (1984, English: The Terrors of Ice and Darkness), Die letzte Welt (1988, English: The Last World), Morbus Kitahara (1995, English: The Dog King) and Der fliegende Berg (2006). In addition he has published various forms of short prose, including works such as Der Weg nach Surabaya (1997), Die Unsichtbare (2001) and Geständnisse eines Touristen (2004). His books have been translated into more than 30 languages. Christoph Ransmayr lives and works in Ireland and Vienna.

Selected bibliography

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  • Die Unsichtbare: Tirade an drei Stränden, 2001
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Der fliegende Berg

Der fliegende Berg is the story of two Irish brothers who set off for the Himalayas in search of a nameless, untouched mountain – perhaps the last unmapped spot in the world. Their journey takes them deep into an archaic, nomadic culture struggling to fend off the influence of Chinese occupation and modern life. There, the brothers will ultimately be confronted with death, and only one of them will return to everyday life. Back home, the remaining brother attempts to unravel the mystery of love, a challenge that long eluded both siblings. Transformed by what he discovers, the survivor sets out a second time.

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