Elke Schmitter

© Jeanne Degraa
© Jeanne Degraa
Elke Schmitter


Mrs. Sartoris

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13.01.10, 10:00

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Elke Schmitter, who was born in Krefeld in 1961, studied philosophy in Munich. She worked as an editor and critic for the newspapers taz, Die Zeit and Süddeutsche Zeitung and has been a member of the editorial board of the newsmagazine Spiegel since 2001. She made her debut as an author in 1981 with a volume of poetry titled Windschatten im Konjunktiv. Her novel Frau Sartoris (English: Mrs. Sartoris), which was published in 2000, has been translated into 17 languages. Elke Schmitter received the Lower Rhine Literature Award of the City of Krefeld in 2000.


  • Veras Tochter, 2006
  • Kein Spaniel, 2005
  • Leichte Verfehlungen, 2002
  • Frau Sartoris (English: Mrs. Sartoris), 2000
  • Und grüß mich nicht unter den Linden, 1989
  • Windschatten im Konjunktiv, 1981

Mrs. Sartoris

Mrs. Sartoris is a simple woman. She lives in a small town, respects her husband, and has a daughter. Even though she doesn’t permit herself to have any high expectations, her longing for happiness has not been stifled. When Mrs. Sartoris falls in love with another man and plunges into an amour fou, her monotonous provincial existence comes to an end. And the affair soon becomes more than an escape — it is to be the beginning of a new life. The plans are laid, all the preparations are made, and finally Mrs. Sartoris will no longer be a simple woman.