Peter Stamm

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© Gaby Gerster
Peter Stamm


On a Day Like This

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24.03.2010, 14:00

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Peter Stamm was born on January 18, 1963 in Switzerland. After training in the retail sector, he spent several semesters studying English, Psychology and Psychopathology in Zurich. He then spent considerable periods in Paris, New York, Scandinavia, London and Berlin. Since 1990, he has worked as a freelance author and journalist. Peter Stamm lives with his family in Winterthur.

Selected works
  • Sieben Jahre, 2009
  • Wir fliegen, 2008
  • An einem Tag wie diesem, 2006 (English: On a Day Like This)
  • Warum wir vor der Stadt wohnen, 2005 (English: When We Lived in Uncle’s Hat)
  • In fremden Gärten, 2003 (English: In Strange Gardens and Other Stories)
  • Diensttage: Schweizer Schriftsteller und ihr Militär, 2003
  • Ungefähre Landschaft, 2001 (English: Unformed Landscape)
  • Blitzeis, 1999
  • Agnes, 1998 (English: Agnes)
  • Gotthard: die steinerne Seele der Schweiz, 1997
  • Alles über den Mann, 1995
On a Day Like This

On a day like this, Andreas changes his life. He is suddenly gripped by a longing that could be homesickness or simply a restless desire to travel. He gives everything up, sells his apartment and quits his job in Paris so that he can return, after living half his life elsewhere, to the woman he once loved. The monotony of his days used to be his only refuge, but now he hopes for a miracle that will enable him to start his life anew. His journey first leads him to the countryside where he spent his youth, then away from it to the Atlantic coast and into the arms of a woman whose love he once nearly threw away.
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