Leonhard Thoma

© Tata Rauch
© Tata Rauch
Leonhard Thoma


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Leonhard Thoma, who was born in 1966, studied comparative literature, German language and literature, and philosophy in Munich. He subsequently taught German as a foreign language in Italy and France. Since 1996 he has worked in Spain, teaching at the University of Barcelona and other institutions. Students of German love Leonhard Thoma’s short stories, in which the author portrays completely normal people living their everyday lives — sometimes with a touch of melancholy, sometimes with a light sprinkling of irony, but always with a great deal of sympathy and understanding.

  • Die Fantasien des Herrn Röpke, 2009
  • Der Taubenfütterer, 2007
  • Das Idealpaar, 2007
  • Der Ruf der Tagesfische, 2007
  • Das Wunschhaus, 2006
  • Die Blaumacherin, 2003
  • Der Hundetraum, 2001