Murat Uyurkulak

Copyright Metis Kitap
Copyright Metis Kitap
Murat Uyurkulak



Essen Gustav-Heinemann-Gesamtschule Essen 16.06.2010, 10:30

Bochum Maria Sibylla Merian-Gesamtschule Bochum
17.06.2010, 10:00

Gelsenkirchen Grillo-Gymnasium Gelsenkirchen
17.06.2010, 14:00

Duisburg Zentralbibliothek Duisburg (EG-Veranstaltungsbereich)
18.06.2010, 10:00


The writer, journalist and translator Murat Uyurkulak was born in the city of Aydin in western Turkey in 1972. He initially studied law and then art history in Izmir, but eventually broke off his studies and moved to Istanbul. There he worked as a waiter, translator, and publisher, among other jobs, and wrote articles for daily newspapers such as “Bir Gün” and “Radikal”. In 2002 he published his debut novel, “Tol”, which has since then been translated into several languages and adapted as a stage play. Four years later he published his second novel, “Har”. Today Murat Uyurkulak lives and works in Istanbul.


  • Har, 2006
  • Tol, 2002