Annelies Verbeke

© Liesbeth Kuipers
© Liesbeth Kuipers
Annelies Verbeke


Groener Gras

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Annelies Verbeke was born in Dendermonde, Belgium, in 1976. After studying literature at the University of Ghent, she began to write film scripts. Her debut novel, Slaap!, which was published in 2003, has been translated into 14 languages and has sold over 70,000 copies to date. Her short story collection Groener Gras was nominated in 2007 for Belgium’s most prestigious literary award, the Gouden Uil. In addition to novels and short stories she also writes film scripts — just as successfully. The film Romance has received awards at film festivals in Spain, Poland, and Germany.


  • Groener Gras, 2007
  • Reus, 2006
  • Slaap!, 2003

Groener Gras

Groener Gras consists of 15 unusual stories about people who could be your neighbors, but whose quirky lifestyles set them apart from the mainstream. The individual stories are linked by the recurrent theme of winning and losing. The young refugee we meet in the first story also shows up again in a later one. Sometimes the starting point of a story is a seemingly bizarre situation, for example in the story in which the young woman Lola becomes fond of a bull. “Lola often rode her bicycle, and her bike rides kept getting longer. According to her relatives, she was being driven to this by her marital problems and her joblessness. But Lola herself found this idea far-fetched. All she was doing was riding her bike. She had very muscular legs.”

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