Dirk Walbrecker

© Dirk Walbrecker
© Dirk Walbrecker
Dirk Walbrecker



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Dirk Walbrecker was born in Wuppertal in 1944 and lives today in Munich. After completing his studies in education and German language and literature, among other subjects, he worked as a scriptwriter and a teacher. He has been a freelance author since 1983. His audiobooks and picture books, as well as novels for children and young people, have received numerous awards and have been translated into 14 languages.


  • Hans im Glück, 2009
  • Thore, das kleine Islandpferd, 2009
  • Aladin, Ali Baba und Sindbad. Die schönsten Märchen aus 1001 Nacht, 2008
  • Secret Love – Geheime Liebe, 2008
  • Love in Danger – Liebe in Gefahr, 2008
  • Forbidden Love? – Liebe verboten?, 2007
  • Der kleine Pinguin, 2005
  • Phillip, der auszog ein Ritter zu werden, 2005
  • Space Spacy. Geheimnisvoller Besuch, 2005
  • Eine rätselhafte Verwandlung (English: Greg), 2004
  • Fabelhafte Tiergeschichten, 2004
  • Die kleine Fledermaus, 2004
  • Pralle Töne, 1995


Greg wakes up one morning and discovers that he can no longer move. Overnight he has been transformed into a gigantic caterpillar. What happened? Is this a nightmare? A biological miracle? His parents react with shock and try to conceal his new condition from the outside world. But the media get wind of the story, and Greg is presented on television as a sensational news feature. But fortunately, there are also some people who stand by him. One of them is Sara, the girl he is secretly in love with.

The famous motif from Kafka’s short story “The Metamorphosis” is reinterpreted in this richly detailed novel about growing up.

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