Staged reading of “The Frog Queen” by Kerstin Specht

Staged reading
07.10.2009, 16:00
Kars Halk Eğitim Merkezi
© Muhsin Akgün
© Muhsin Akgün
Kerstin Specht
The mother in the story feels like a frog that nobody wants to have around - especially not in one’s bed - or like a worker bee, exploited and unappreciated by everyone, including her children. That’s why she wants to end her own life. But just then Herr König - “Mr. King” - pops up, seemingly out of thin air, and throws her pills into the garbage can. Kissed to life again by Herr König, the mother slowly begins to live a new life of her own. The subtitle of this play is “A Kitchen Fable”. It’s a poetic, amusing horror show set in a German kitchen-cum-living room.

After the staged reading, the playwright Kerstin Specht will be on hand to talk with the audience. Translation and project: Sibel Arslan Yeşilay.

Biography - Kerstin Specht
After studying German language and literature, Kerstin Specht worked as an assistant producer at a radio broadcasting company and trained as an actress and filmmaker. Her plays have for years now been part of the standard repertoire in German theaters and have won numerous awards and stipends for their author. Kerstin Specht lives and works in Munich.