Björn — the Hurdles of Bureaucracy

Björn — the Hurdles of Bureaucracy

Germany 2001, 35 mm, Dolby SR, color, 15 min.
Director: Andreas Niessner; Screenwriter: Andreas Niessner; Director of Photography: Markus Krämer; Editor: Andreas Althoff; Music: Andreas Weidinger; Production: Niessner Film; Cast: Andreas Niessner, Jeanette Hain;
Björn and his girlfriend Anja have packed their suitcases, their flight to their long-awaited holiday leaves in three hours. But then Björn notices that his passport is out of date. He rushes off to the local authorities, and the odyssey begins that completely changes his life. Will he ever see Anja again?

Director, Screenwriter: Andreas Niessner

Biography: 1967: born in Munich; 1989-1992: producer of two rock musicals in Munich; 1991-1997: director of photography and assistant director of big German film productions; 1996-2000: degree course in Production and Media Business at the Munich Academy for Television and Film; since 1997: director of various cinema /TV commercials.
Filmography: Sabotage (1999), Samba Bavaria (2002, TV feature film), Santa Claudia (2002, TV feature film), Plötzlich wieder 16 (2003, TV feature film)
Awards: Wiesbaden Film Assessment Board (FBW) Rating: Commended; Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Short Film Award 2002; German Federal Film Board: Short Tiger Award 2002

Lernmaterialien Filmschule DaF

Arbeitsanleitung (PDF, 188 KB)
Standbild Björn mit Pass (PDF, 58 KB)
Passantrag (PDF, 30 KB)
Wortkarten (DOC, 40 KB)
Standfotos Staffel 1 (PDF, 239 KB)
Standfotos Staffel 2 (PDF, 121 KB)
Asylbewerber Statistik (DOC, 85 KB)
German Transcript for download (PDF, 179 KB)
French Transcript for download (PDF, 39 KB)

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