Germany 2001, 35 mm, Dolby SR, color, 10 min.
Director: Ingo Rasper; Screenwriter: Ingo Rasper; Director of Photography: Marc Achenbach; Editor: Marc Achenbach; Music: Ariane Jäger, Cora Pabst; Production: Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg; Cast: Christel Peters, Klaus Herm, Thomas Gohlke, Frank Witter, Michael Benthin;
Germany 1952: The Allies are gambling for the German territories. The most absurd thing that could have happened to Europe is gradually becoming reality: the Iron Curtain. On a train trip from Berlin to Leipzig, the officials carry out a routine search. Achim and Herbert see the tricks people use to smuggle goods on a grand scale. “Great” is based on a true story.

Director, Screenwriter: Ingo Rasper

Biography: 1974: born in Hildesheim; apprenticeship as a carpenter; work experience at film and television productions; since 1999: degree course in Directing at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg.
Filmography: Rübergemacht (2000), Vor dem Essen (2000), Punto Fijo (2001), Das Grüne im Himmel (2002), Benz Town Baby (2003)
Awards: Filmfest Emden 2002: East Frisian Short Film Award 2002 (2nd place)

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