Gregor’s Greatest Invention

Gregor’s Greatest Invention

Germany 2001, 35 mm, Dolby SR, color, 11 min.
Director: Johannes Kiefer; Screenwriter: Johannes Kiefer; Director of Photography: Christian Paschmann; Editor: Patricia Rommel; Music: Winfried Grabe; Production: Südwest Film Filmproduktion; Cast: Alexander Beyer, Christel Peters, Helga Göring, Ruth Nimbach, Doris Egbring-Kahn;
Herta, an old unmarried woman, lives together with her grandson in a house in the countryside. She can no longer walk, is becoming increasingly frailer and is bound to her wheelchair. Her three female friends try to persuade her to move to the same old people’s home as them, where she can receive better care. Gregor, an ingenious inventor, loves his grandmother, looks after her affectionately and asks himself how he can prevent her move to an old people’s home.

Director, Screenwriter: Johannes Kiefer

Biography: 1964: born in Munich; studied Literature and History; worked as an assistant director for numerous cinema and TV films and at an off-theatre stage in London’s West End; worked for Patricia Rommel as an assistant editor; currently writing his first feature-length script. “Gregor’s Greatest Invention” is his debut as a director.
Awards: Wiesbaden Film Assessment Board (FBW) Rating: Highly Commended; Oscar nomination for Best Short Film (Live Action) 2002; Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2001: Award for Best Comedy; Austin Film Festival 2001: Time-Warner Audience Award, Cinequest Film Festival San Francisco 2002: Best Short Film

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Standbilder aus Gregors größte Erfindung

Arbeitsanleitung (PDF, 155 KB)
Arbeitsmaterial: Standbilder 1 und 2 (PDF, 61 KB)
Arbeitsmaterial: Standbilder Staffel (PDF, 340 KB)
Arbeitsmaterial: Transkript (PDF, 46 KB)
Arbeitsmaterial: Rollenspielkarten (PDF, 51 KB)
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Transkript zum Herunterladen (PDF, 46 KB)

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