Small Change

Small Change

Germany 1998, 35 mm, Dolby SR, color, 15 min.
Director: Marc Andreas Bochert; Screenwriter: Marc Andreas Bochert; Director of Photography: Eva Fleig; Editor: Antonia Bergmiller; Music: Michael Schenk; Production: Film & Television Academy “Konrad Wolf” (HFF); Cast: Frank Lienert-Mondanelli, Rolf Fahrenkrog-Petersen;
Every day on the way from the office to the parking lot, a businessman gives a homeless man some loose change. One day, the homeless person starts washing the businessman’s car.

Director, Screenwriter: Marc Andreas Bochert

Biography: 1971: born in Hildesheim; first worked as a production assistant and editor; 1992-1999: degree course in Directing at the Film & Television Academy “Konrad Wolf” (HFF). “Small Change” is his diploma film.
Filmography: Freitags Traum (1991), Die Vorhersehung (1992), Aljoschas abenteuerlicher Alltag (1993), Das Muster (1994), Der Astronaut (1994), Savanna Bay (1995), Schatten der Vergangenheit (1996), Lotte Primaballerina (1999)
Awards: German Short Film Award in Silver 1999; Cinema Corto — Festival Europeo Bra 2000: Best European Short Film; Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Short Film Award 2000; Oscar nomination for Best Short Film (Live Action) 2000

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Arbeitsanleitung (PDF, 157 KB)
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German Transcript for download (PDF, 30 KB) Deutsche Flagge
French Transcript for download (PDF, 23 KB) Französische Flagge

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