D 2002, 35 mm, Dolby SR, Farbe, 18 Min.
Director: Mickel Rentsch; Screenwriter: Mickel Rentsch; Director of Photography: Ralf Leistl; Editor: Andreas Aigner; Production: Mickel-Rentsch-Film; Cast: Robert Giggenbach, Horst Sachtleben, Sven Koller, Jürgen Tonkel;
“Talks” is three short stories set at bus stops: simple dialogues that are not really dialogues at all, sometimes going round in circles or going absurdly astray.

Director, Screenwriter: Mickel Rentsch

Biography: 1967: born in Fürstenfeldbruck; 1986-2000: worked on documentaries, short films, feature films and commercials; 1994-2002: degree course in Feature Film and Television Feature at the Munich Academy for Television and Film; since 1999: numerous treatments and scripts for television and feature films.
Filmography: Jörg weiß nicht, was er kann, was er will und was er weiß (1992), Vogel Fliegen (1995, feature film), Johann R. auf der Suche (1996), Conversations (1996), Stammt der Apfel weit vom Fall? (1998), Blick eines Alten (1999)
Awards: Wiesbaden Film Assessment Board (FBW) Rating: Commended; European Filmfestival Alpinale 2003 in Vorarlberg: Audience Award; Kinofest Lünen 2003: Audience Award; Seefeld/Herrsching Midsummer Night Cinema Dream 2003: Audience Award

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