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German Means Business

The Goethe-Institute offers a variety of levels of language courses in Business German, in which business-oriented German is taught. Participants learn how to use the German language in a variety of professional situations and how to appropriately apply their skills to those situations.

Among the courses offered are:

  • Inter-cultural Communication Training
  • Business-Oriented Telephone Skills
  • Customer-Oriented Correspondence
  • Presentation Training
  • Internet Research
  • Intensive Training for Reading and Listening Comprehension
  • Business Related Regional Studies
More detailed information about our Beginner Courses  and Advanced Courses.

Please contact:

    Caroline Blank
    Language Coordinator (Examinations)
    Tel. +1 (312) 263 0474
    Fax +1 (312) 263 0476
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      Katja Fullard, Ph.D.
      Language Department Director
      Tel. +1 (312) 263 0474
      Fax +1 (312) 263 0476
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