German Networks

German Networks

German Networks - Goethe-Institut USA Toolkit - ©
German Networks - Goethe-Institut USA Toolkit - ©
Have you spent time studying, researching or teaching in Germany?

Your time abroad has provided you with friendships and networks that may last for a lifetime. There are several ways to stay connected to fellow alumni, to academic institutions, or to people that share an interest in international networking. Creating links with Germany will mean that you preserve the knowledge base that you have built up while being abroad. As much as your resume will be enhanced by an internationally reputed degree or a study program, you will also be able to build on the personal skills and experiences that you have encountered and acquired in Germany.

Personal networks are important in a global economy and they benefit your professional and personal development. On this page, we provide you with some basic information on alumni networking sites that help you share with people you met and institutions you attended in Germany.

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    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Alumni   english

    Maintaining contact with every single Humboldtian worldwide is one of the Humboldt Foundation's main tasks, along with promoting academic contacts between Humboldtians themselves. The network currently comprises more than 23,000 scientists and scholars from all disciplines in 130 countries.

    Alumniportal Deutschland   english

    Alumniportal Deutschland is a free web service that offers you an opportunity to expand your personal and professional network, keep updated on alumni news and events, and much more. The page is carried out by six organizations from the field of international cooperation and financed by the German Federal Government.

    Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange   english

    Germany Alumni who are US citizens or Permanent Residents and meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply to CBYX.

    Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Alumni Network   english

    The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Alumni Network (CBYX) welcomes all past participants of the CBYX program. Contact your fellow alumni to reflect on your experiences, meet up with alumni and current participants living near you now, arrange reunions, get involved with the program again, seek Germany-related jobs, and more. The home of the CBYX Alumni Network is on the US Department of State’s alumni website.

    DAAD Alumni Association of the USA   english

    The DAAD Alumni Association of the USA is more than 550 members strong. The mission of the DAAD Alumni Association is: to strengthen ties between DAAD alumni, both in the United States and abroad; to maintain and expand academic and personal contacts with Germans and German institutions, especially with DAAD Bonn; to expand the knowledge of German culture, past and present, among DAAD alumni and American students; and to encourage US schools to improve German language skills.

    German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest (GACCoM) Career Service   english

    GACCoM’s Career Service is a great asset for companies looking for bilingual talent at all levels and for individuals looking to use their German skills in the US through the application database, jobXchange.

    Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS)   english

    HAUS is the alumni member organization for all former Heidelberg students, exchange students, professors, fellows or researchers who live in the US. HAUS offers a little piece of Heidelberg outside of Heidelberg: Catch up with old classmates, meet new fellow alumni who shared the same extraordinary experience at Germany’s oldest university, stay informed and up to date on research and developments in Heidelberg.

    Returning Experts Program   english

    The Returning Experts Program supports the professional integration of university graduates and experienced experts from developing, emerging and transition countries, who have completed their training in Germany and are interested in returning to their countries of origin. In addition to advisory services, the program offers financial support to experts interested in returning to their own countries. Employers, too, can benefit from program services such as assistance with recruiting employees.

    Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association   english

    Since 1984, the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program has enabled over 440 young American professionals to acquire an in-depth understanding of the political, economic, and cultural environment of Germany and Europe. The RBFAA holds annual meetings that feature prominent guests from both Germany and the United States. The organization also sponsors regional events to promote ongoing German-American dialogue on a broad spectrum of sociopolitical issues.

    Steuben-Schurz-Society / USA Interns Program Fellows   english

    The “Steuben-Schurz-Alumni/ Fellows”-Network are all former participants of the USA Interns Program/ German-American Internship Program, which enables students from Germany or the US to participate in a study-related internship in the respective host country. The program participants from both nations are invited to communicate and exchange further news, experiences, and ideas and mingle by networking on a transatlantic level via their specifically created online-community.

    University and Topical Alumni Networks   english

    Many German academic institutions keep contact with their alumni through their own Alumni Association or Alumni office. For details, please visit the website of your relevant institution. Additionally, there are many topical alumni networks, based on your area of study or your professional expertise in a special field, which are listed on the website linked above.