Let's Explore Modern Germany (NEW)

Let's Explore Modern Germany: Instructional Strategies for Elementary Educators is designed to provide elementary and middle school social studies teachers with comprehensive lessons on Germany - historical and contemporary - that can be easily integrated into preexisting curricula.

The book is organized into four sections: Geography, Contemporary Life, History, and the Grimm Brothers and Other Tales. Each lesson is correlated to the revised 2010 NCSS and Common Core Standards and includes a lesson overview that summarizes the objectives of the lesson, pertinent teacher background information, a suggested time frame, instructional resources (located on the accompanying Instructional Resource Disc), and a detailed lesson procedure. In addition, there is a whole group reflection, which reconnects students with the focus question(s), lesson modifications and extensions. The lesson design allows the teacher to integrate social studies with literacy, mathematics, and science.

Download SymbolForward (PDF)
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Download SymbolTable of Contents & Standards Alignment (PDF)

Let's Explore 1: Geography
Download SymbolLesson 1.1 Mapping Germany (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 1.1 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 1.2 Traveling Through Germany Game (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 1.2 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 1.3 Using Latitude and Longitude (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 1.3 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 1.4 Uniting Europe: The European Union (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 1.4 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 1.5 Measuring with Metrics (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 1.5 (ZIP)

Let's Explore 2: Contemporary Life
Download SymbolLesson 2.1 “Let’s Talk” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.1 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.2 “Let’s Eat” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.2 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.3 “Let’s Learn” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.3 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.4 “Let’s Cycle” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.4 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.5 “Let’s Be Green” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.5 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.6 “Let’s Be Responsible” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.6 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 2.7 “Let’s Buy” (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 2.7 (ZIP)

Let's Explore 3: History
Download SymbolLesson 3.1 Turning Points (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 3.1 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 3.2 Famous Germans (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 3.2 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 3.3 Lessons of the Holocaust (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 3.3 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 3.4 Operation Vittles (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 3.4 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 3.5 Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 3.5 (ZIP)

Let's Explore 4: Grimm Brothers & Other Tales
Download SymbolLesson 4.1 Well-known Tale: The Pied Piper of Hamelin (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 4.1 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 4.2 Lesser-known Tale: Herr Korbes (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 4.2 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 4.3 The Adventures of Baron Münchausen (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 4.3 (ZIP)
Download SymbolLesson 4.4 Vacation along the German Fairy Tale Road (PDF)
Download SymbolHandouts 4.4 (ZIP)

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    It's Up to You & Me, Here & Across the Sea

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