Lessons by TOP Fellows

Sample Elementary Lessons
The First Day of School: Receiving the Schultüte Disketten-SymbolPDF, 296 KB
Lesson Plans for a World Tour Disketten-SymbolPDF, 57 KB
Examining Common Traditions Disketten-SymbolPDF, 54 KB
Germany Travel Brochure Disketten-SymbolPDF, 32 KB
Theatre in Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 228 KB
Germany: A Community Close to Home Disketten-SymbolPDF, 740 KB
What is Culture? Disketten-SymbolPDF, 353 KB
Bridges of Germany and the World
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 3.48 MB
Understanding Culture
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 78.4 KB
Different Yet Still the Same
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 435 KB
Alike & Different: Germany and the USA
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 49.5 KB
Comparing and Contrasting Cinderella
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 389 KB
Growing Up During the Cold War: East vs. West
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 24.9 KB
Teddy Bears Across the Sea Disketten-SymbolPDF, 100 KB
Economics in the Divided Germany
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 465 KB
The Power of Visual Imagery
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 2.5 MB
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 51 KB
Der Strewwelpeter
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 38 KB

Sample Middle School Lessons
Five Themes of Geography: A Comparison Disketten-SymbolPDF, 1.54 MB
East Germany: From Command to Market Economy Disketten-SymbolPDF, 684 KB
Brandenburg Gate: A Witness to History Disketten-SymbolPDF, 1.35 MB
Democracy in Germany Download SymbolPDF, 55 KB
The Berlin Wall: Its History & Legacy Disketten-SymbolPDF, 343 KB
Architecture as a Reflection of Culture Disketten-SymbolPDF, 38 KB
Interviewing Skills for International Companies Disketten-SymbolPDF, 62 KB
Globalization Disketten-SymbolPDF, 120 KB
The Reichstag: If Walls Could Talk Disketten-SymbolPDF, 180 KB
Bunkers & Bases: Military Installation Reuse Disketten-SymbolPDF, 396 KB
Leaders of Recent Nonviolent Revolutions Disketten-SymbolPDF, 1.48 MB
Combating Climate Change: A Global Issue Disketten-SymbolPDF, 329 KB
Yertle the Turtle
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 19.8 KB
The TOP TEN of Germany: Web-Quest
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 35.9 KB
The Great Chicago Fire vs. Berlin Wall
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 86.6 KB
What Women Want
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 166 KB
Berlin: Division & Reunification
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 83.7 KB
Learning from the Past
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 23.6 KB
Webquest: A Peaceful Revolution?
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 309 KB
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 232 KB
Resistance within Nazi Germany
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 138 KB
Writing on the Wall
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 2.5 MB
A Culture of Peace
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 5.0 MB
Jella Lepman
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 3.0 MB

Sample Secondary Lessons
What is the EU's Position on Human Rights? Disketten-SymbolPDF, 139 KB
Women in Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 92 KB
Issues of Immigration in the USA and Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 150 KB
Migration and Diversity: USA and Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 93 KB
German and American Federalism: A Comparison Disketten-SymbolPDF, 124 KB
German Youth Culture Disketten-SymbolPDF, 143 KB
Challenges & Opportunities: Muslims in Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 288 KB
Protecting Democracy and Rights Disketten-SymbolPDF, 122 KB
Immigrants and Guest Workers
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 550 KB
How Does Germany Receive Immigrants?
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 259 KB
German Innovation and Technology
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 86.0 KB
The German Bundestag
Disketten-SymbolPDF, 155 KB
German-US Trade Relations Disketten-SymbolPDF, 102 KB
The Journey of a German Immigrant Disketten-SymbolPDF, 2.5 MB
German Unification: 1871 & 1989 Disketten-SymbolPDF, 501 KB
Wilkommen in America Disketten-SymbolPDF, 492 KB
Remembering the Weimar Republic Disketten-SymbolPDF, 17.5 KB
A White-Haired Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 24.4 KB
The Dresden Elbe Valley Disketten-SymbolPDF, 89 KB
The Stasi & Espionage in the GDR Disketten-SymbolPDF, 289 KB
Demographics of Modern Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 495 KB
Treptow Park Disketten-SymbolPDF, 1.5 MB
Buchenwald and the Holocaust Disketten-SymbolPDF, 409 KB
Rebel Art Disketten-SymbolPDF, 637 KB
Understanding Modern Germany Disketten-SymbolPDF, 136 KB
Leipzig's Peaceful Revolution Disketten-SymbolPDF, 218 KB
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