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GNARP Scholarship 2012

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The German-North American Resources Partnership (GNARP) is one of the working projects of the Center for Research Libraries' Global Resources Network. GNARP supports the acquisition, sharing, and use of German-language materials among North American libraries, and the fostering of closer collaboration with German research libraries.

The German North-American Resources Partnership (GNARP), Bibliothek & Information International (BII) -- the standing committee for the promotion of international professional exchange of Bibliothek & Information Deutschland, the Federal Association of German Library and Information Associations -- and the Goethe-Institut New York (GI) are pleased to announce the recipients of the GNARP Scholarship 2012. This scholarship supports the activities of these three organizations on promoting and intensifying professional exchange between librarians from Germany and North America. 

Lindsay Hansen from the California State University in Northridge, CA is going to travel to Berlin to visit the John F. Kennedy Institute for North America Studies. In her application, she emphasized her interest in learning how German librarians and archivists assist their researchers and students in their information seeking process and how they can improve their patrons' information literacy. Lindsay Hansen works on various projects, amongst which "Germany in California" is certainly a highlight. With this project, Hansen aims to establish an online database that features libraries, museums and archives that are relevant to Germany, but physically housed in California. With her visit to Germany, Hansen hopes to extend her work by identifying California-related materials in Germany and working on a way to advise American researchers and students on locating and using the materials. 

The German scholarship holder, Stefan Buddenbohm from the Electronic Publishing Group at the Göttingen State and University Library, aims to learn about experiences, projects and implementations for digital open access monographs and best practices in open access repositories within the United States and Canada. His current area of work and interest lies in the transition of the classical monograph in the humanities and social sciences to the digital open access monograph of the future. Furthermore, the economic aspect of the publishing process for these kinds of monographs is also part of his research interest, since sustainable business and publishing models are still to be developed. Buddenbohm's participation in the European Commission-funded project "Open Access Publishing in European Networks" (OAPEN) provided him with the necessary background to successfully conduct further research in this area.
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