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© ARD Degeto/Conny Klein
© ARD Degeto/Conny Klein

Sun. Feb. 5, 2017 6:15 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco
International Premiere
In Person: Director Ingo Rasper
92 mins. Germany (2015). Digital Projection. German w/ English subtitles.
Director: Ingo Rasper
Starring: Dagmar Manzel, Henry Hübchen
Screenplay: Karlotta Ehrenberg
Cinematography: Klaus Merkel
Editor: Uta Schmidt
Producers: Valeria Pauz, Rima Schmidt
Courtesy: Novafilm Fernsehproduktion GmbH and ARD Degeto

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Supermarket cashier Emma is lonely. In her desperation she starts pinching customers' wallets and subsequently presents herself as the honest finder. As soon as people drop by her apartment to get their wallet back, a fresh and tasty meal is already waiting for them. The visitors never stay long and Emma remains on her own. One day, during one of her mischievous acts, the homeless man August gets arrested instead of Emma. When he returns from police custody, he confronts Emma, and a complicated friendship begins.

Presented with the support of Excelsior German Center Oakland.